Red Feathered Eagle


Red Feathered Eagle Tribal Vocational Criteria

To be determined eligible, a tribal member must meet the following six criteria:
  1. Is a tribal member, submits a copy of tribal identification card with an application, the card shows a tribal enrollment number.
  2. A tribal member lives within our service area, within the Wind River Indian Reservation boundaries, and includes 80 miles out from the exterior reservation borders, and includes the townships of Thermopolis, Dubois, Riverton, Lander, and Shoshoni.
  3. Has an Impairment(s), which is a disability that is defined as a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities, meaning that daily functionality is sometimes hard to overcome. The disability should show improvement with counseling and treatment before entering into an Individualized Plan for Employment. There are times this TVR agency will support a person with further assessments.
  4. Has an impediment. The impediment can be called barriers to employment opportunities.
  5. Needs vocational rehabilitation services. Examples can be due to having no job skills, fresh out of high school (transition student), obtaining a high school equivalency diploma, showing a need for vocational rehabilitation services
  6. Can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services. A tribal member with disabilities can benefit from counseling and guidance, referral, advocacy, and services within an Individualized Plan for Employment Services, with costs being the last resort. This TVR agency is the last resort to pay for expenses. This usually means the tribal member has to exhaust other local community resources before this TVR agency pays for the costs of overcoming barriers.

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VR School-to-Work Transition

Suppose you are a high school student with a disability. What career plans have you made? What kind of work would you like tdo? 

The Red Feathered Eagle TVR (Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation) Program assists students with disabilities who meet our eligibility requirements. 

Services that may be a part of your employment plan include the following: 

  • Preparing for a job search
  • Counseling & guidance
  •  Psychological or medical evaluations
  •  Restoration services 
  •  Assistivtechnology 
  • Job training apprenticeships (Learning a craft or trade

The Red FeathereEagle Program is committed to helping students prepare for moving from school to the workforce.

How can you apply for services? 

If you graduate in 1-2 years, you can contact your school guidance counselor and ask about Red FeathereEagle TVR services. 


You can call (307)-438-7120